Kentucky Room

Interact for Health
Conference Center
is located at:

Rookwood Tower

3805 Edwards Road, Suite 500
Cincinnati, OH 45209
Phone: (513) 458-6600
Toll Free: (888) 310-4904
Fax: (513) 458-6610


Interact for Health does not charge nonprofit organizations a room rental fee. All organizations who use the space are responsible for the costs of food, beverages, banquet server, room setup (if the standard setup is not used), security, linens (if round tables are used), photocopies done on-site, and any extra audio/visual items that must be rented.

Room Rental NO CHARGE to eligible nonprofit organizations
Catering Menu

Please be aware of disposable and delivery fees.
Banquet Server and Beverage Service required whenever food is ordered.
Beverage service Includes coffee, tea, water, soda (Coca-Cola products) and juice Banquet Server required any time beverages are requested

All-Inclusive Beverage Service:
coffee, tea, water, soda (Coca Cola Products) and juice refreshed throughout your meeting
-Service for a meeting running 4 hours or less: $3.50/person
-Service for a meeting running more than 4 hours: $7.00/person

NEW Healthy and Budget Friendly beverage options:
Water and coffee (Decaf and regular) only-Does not feature sugary drinks!
-Healthy Beverage Service for a meeting running 4 hours or less: $2.50/person
-Healthy Beverage Service for a meeting running more than 4 hours: $5.00/person
Banquet Server Banquet server is required for the length of your meeting, including one hour before and on hour after whenever food or beverages are requested:
$8.50/hr, subsidized rate for eligible nonprofits
$17/hr, for ineligible nonprofit or for profit organizations
Room Reset $70 for each room reconfiguration (any time table arrangement must be changed from room’s default setup, available on a case-by-case basis). Available only in the ChoiceCare and Kentucky Rooms
Linens $11 per table; required whenever round tables are requested
Security $17/hr for the length of your meeting including 30 minutes before and 30 Minutes after the meeting.
*Security charge only incurred for meetings held outside of office hours (8:30am-5:00pm) when food and beverages are not being served (in that case, server acts as security and no extra charge is incurred).
**security fee: 2 hour minimum
A/V Equipment No charge for on-site equipment.
Rental equipment will be charged per item and available on a case-by-case basis.