Kentucky Room

Interact for Health
Conference Center
is located at:

Rookwood Tower

3805 Edwards Road, Suite 500
Cincinnati, OH 45209
Phone: (513) 458-6600
Toll Free: (888) 310-4904
Fax: (513) 458-6610

About Interact for Health

Interact for Health Map

Since 1977, Interact for Health has invested over $120 million to address health need in the 2-county region surrounding Cincinnati. The majority of our work falls within our four focus areas:

  • Community Primary Care
  • School-Aged Children's Healthcare
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Severe Mental Illness

We help create enduring projects that will improve health, and grantee sustainability is vital to our mission. We offer workshops, staff consultations, and other technical assistance to assist grantees as they moe toward sustainability. We also suggest to grantees other funders who might be interested in their work. We provide local health data and make it available online to connect the community to the informatin they need to make data-driven decisions.